giving back

Not only has Dufflet Rosenberg earned a reputation for creating the finest and most exciting desserts in Toronto, she and her caring team have sweetened countless lives by generously supporting the arts, local community, and those in need.

Requests for Charitable Donations

Since 1975, Dufflet Pastries has practiced a philosophy of giving back to the community in the Greater Toronto area by donating baked goods or gift certificates.

Due to the high number of requests that we receive weekly, please submit your written request via email at least 8 weeks prior to your event, and please allow us up to 4 weeks to review and respond to your inquiry.

Requests should be sent via e-mail to

Please supply the following details:

  • organization name, website and email address, any social media links,
  • full address and telephone number, plus contact person's name,
  • a description of the specific event for which a donation is sought,
  • the date of the event and the expected attendance at the event,
  • a description of what the funds raised will be used for,
  • the type of donation requested (product or gift certificates).

We unfortunately cannot participate in every opportunity, but would be happy to offer product at reduced rates for special events that we cannot offer a charitable donation to.